Review of the Chase Platinum Visa Credit Card

by : Sam Donaldson

If you are seeking flexibility, convenience and great rates in rewards credit cards, the Chase Platinum Visa Credit Card just might be the card for you. You can get a 0% intro APR for up to 12 months. The period of your introductory rate will be either twelve months for purchases and balance transfers or three months for balance transfers only, depending on Chase's review of your application and credit history. Another good thing is that there currently is no annual fee associated with the Chase Platinum Visa Card. You also get a number of great platinum cardholder benefits like participation in Chase's Flexible Rewards Program; where you can earn one point per eligible dollar spent. Cardholders are free to redeem this points for their choice of cashback, merchandise, travel or gift cards. With the Chase Platinum Visa Credit Card you pay no interest when you pay your bill in full each month by the date the payment is due. The Chase Platinum Visa Credit Card is a true platinum credit card and not a credit card for bad credit.

In regards to the rewards program offered, points are not earned on fees for products that protect or insure the balances of the card member's account. Still, this is rather expected and nothing to take any exception at in most cases. To receive the 0% intro APR benefit is crucial that one abides by the rules governing the account. Also, the folks at Chase apply the payments to intro balances before what balances you may have with higher APRs. Meaning that the period of your introductory rate may vary according to your payment amounts and the APRs for other balances on your account.

For the use of travel agency services, a fee of $14.95 will be charged for "mileage redemption". As with many rewards programs for credit cards these days, airline and similar rewards are subject to program restrictions. These restrictions include space and fare availability, and you must arrange the bookings 21 days in advance, and also there are particular conditions concerning Saturday night stays. The Chase Platinum Visa Flexible Rewards points are redeemable for airline flights on carriers like American, Delta, United, Continental, Northwest, U.S. Airways and other airways. Your points are not transferable to other frequent travel programs, but again this is common with most air mileage rewards programs these days. A guide concerning your various benefits with the rewards program will be mailed to you following approval if you are accepted to become a cardholder of the Chase Platinum VISA Card.

Remember to read the terms and conditions of the offer fully; should you wish to apply for this card offerComputer Technology Articles, as the conditions are subject to change and the current offer available from the Chase site may not be the same as when this offer was reviewed by this article.