Elite Credit Card Deals

by : Vaino Lehtinen

Elite Credit Cards

Credit card market is full of different offers depending on the client's credit history. Those who have the highest score get the best cards: silver, gold, platinum, and black ones. Such cards are made especially to serve the wishes of the wealthy people.

The Price to Own An Elite Card
The very first point which bursts upon the eye with all the power of nuclear explosion, is the membership fee. A whopping $ 2,500 annual fee. Why does the rich still go for it? Well, the answer is quite simple - it's all the matter of competition and status. And in this area everybody is ready to pay any cost.

Top 5 Elite Cards in USA
However, elite credit card isn't only the tool of endless expenditures, it also gives the access to exclusive reward programs. What are they?

  • American Express Centurion is one of these status cards, aimed for the clients with many zeroes in their accounts. They say that AmEx was the first company which began issuing credit cards for 'nabobs'. The given card has $ 250,000 limit and in most cases an average client is not able to run out of this limit. But in fact luxury expenses (such as various V.I.P. services) demand even greater expenditures!
  • Citibank Ultima Black is another way to take a delight in spending money. It's designed for those who are in frequent need for yachts or islands rental.
  • Coutts & Co's World Card is a very limited edition offer. It can be gotten only by top 100 of the wealthiest persons of the world. Think how extensive can be the reward program of such card! 
  • JP Morgan Chase Reserve Card
    If you have $10 million or more to invest with JP Morgan, then the JP Morgan Chase Reserve Card (previously known as JP Morgan Palladium Card) is for you. The card made of metal with palladium plating is targeted at extremely high net worth clients. The card is offered only to clients of JP Morgan’s Global Wealth Management who have investible (non-real estate) assets of $10 million or more.

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