Compare Cash Back Credit Cards

by : Susan Slobac

If you are looking to add a new credit card to your selection of cards that you carry with you and use, you will want to compare cash back credit cards to determine which will offer you the greatest flexibility in use for the best price. Credit cards with cash back offers give you an opportunity to get some money back for making ordinary daily purchases utilizing your credit card.

When you compare cash back credit cards, you will want to see what fees might be required. Annual fees are common for using credit cards, although some cash back credit cards waive the annual fee entirely. There will also be finance charges listed in the terms for each credit card offer. These include the interest you will pay if you carry over a balance on the card from month to month. The interest may be a fixed or variable rate, so be sure to read the terms carefully. If you go to an ATM machine and take a cash advance from your credit card, you will have fees to pay for utilizing that service, so check out the terms to see what the specific fees are.

You will also want to compare cash back credit cards' terms for the length of the grace period. The grace period is the time when you can pay your credit bill without incurring an interest charge.

If you know you will carry over a balance from month to month, then you will want to compare cash back credit cards for their APR, or annual percentage rate of interest charged. As mentioned above, the rate can be fixed or variable. There are usually enticing introductory interest rates that will apply to your balance for a certain amount of time, then the listed APR will be used.

When you compare cash back credit cards you will also need to think about where you plan to use the card. If you use your cards solely for travel and dining, you will prefer a card that offers rewards in those areas. The same could be true if you shop at the same places of business repeatedly. Sometimes house cards are offered with cash back rewards. House cards can usually only be used at that one particular business, be it a department store, a gas station, or other type of business. But if you shop there a lot, using house cash back credit cards might save you significant money.

Some cash back credit cards' terms offer flexibility in where you can use the cards and earn reward points. This might be extremely important to you if you travel to different cities a lot. Bank cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, can be used around the world.

Credit cards with cash back rewards can help you earn while you shop, something that usually cannot be done with a cash purchase. Make sure to compare cash back credit cards to find the ones with the best terms that will meet your specific needs.