Finding the Best Cash Back Credit Cards

by : Susan Slobac

The best cash back credit cards offer benefits in the form of rewards of air miles, gasoline discounts, hotel stays, car rentals, online purchases, bonus points, gift certificates, a percentage of your annual interest charges returned or checks in the mail when you use the card for a certain amount and type of purchase. Several credit cards with cash back also offer reasonable APRs (around eleven percent) which can be a great incentive to sign on with a particular company. It makes sense to shop around for the best cash back credit cards that meets your specific purchasing needs.

If you tend to shop at the same department stores on a regular basis, their house credit cards may be one of the best cash back credit cards for you. The benefit to you is that you will often receive rewards such as discounts on merchandise or services for your patronage. Others offer free services such as gift wrap or postage for sending gifts in exchange for using their house credit card.

Some of the best cash back credit cards involve the purchase of gasoline. These gas cash back credit cards enable you to receive rewards of a certain dollar amount - usually a percentage of the fuel that you buy with that card. Some of these cards also offer additional cash back savings for other purchases besides gasoline as well. Some of the gas cash back credit cards even offer to use part of your rebate as a donation to a nonprofit organization, if you so choose. If your job requires frequent commuting, these credit cards can offer real savings on your fuel costs, assuming that you do not allow the card to carry a balance. If you pay off the purchases each month as you make them, you will receive the greatest amount of cash back with a credit card such as this.

For the flexibility you need to cover your daily purchases, the best cash back credit cards can be rewards credit cards. With many of these cards you can select the ones that offer the rewards you most want. They can include things like rewards on travel or points that add up toward receiving for free certain merchandise. The travel rewards, which can include airline travel, typically are accumulated on a one-to-one basis; in other words, for every one dollar you spend with your credit cards with cash back you will receive one point. As the points accumulate and eventually reach a certain threshold, you may turn them in for cruises, flights, and other types of vacations.

Credit cards with cash back offers can provide you a refreshing reward for purchases that you would make anyway in your daily life, yet you get something back in return for using your credit card.