Is There a Chase Credit Card in your Wallet?

by : Max Anderson

Do you have a Chase credit card in your wallet? You might, without even realizing it. Chase is one of the biggest names in the credit card industry and they literally offer a credit card for everyone. If you don't have a Chase credit card in your wallet, you don't know what you're missing. Here are five of the most popular Chase credit cards out there.

1. The Card

Love it or hate it, you have to admit there are deals to be had on I will freely admit I'm addicted to the site and I don't mind saying that I want to be rewarded for the multiple purchases I make there each month (yes, each month). That's why I personally carry this particular Chase credit card.

What does the card offer me? Three points for every dollar I spend at and then 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere. Then I can turn those points into gift certificates and get some of my purchases for free.

2. Disney Rewards Visa

The Disney Rewards Visa is another popular Chase credit card and it's one my mother-in-law carries regularly. She charges all of her purchases on it (paying them off in full every month of course) and then uses the rewards from the card to fund a portion of her Disney World vacations.

3. The BP Card

The BP Card is the perfect Chase credit card for anyone who's serious about saving money on gas purchases. After all, gasoline has become a big budget killer. This particular Chase credit card will earn you rebates of 5 percent whenever you use the card at a BP. That's a five percent gas rebate. That's like taking your gas prices from $2.99 per gallon to $2.84 per gallon. Who can argue with that?

4. Student Credit Cards

If you attend a major university, chances are there's a Chase credit card designed specifically for you. Names like Duke, Ball, California State, Harvard, NC State, University of Chicago and dozens more all have their own Chase credit card designed for students. It's not only a great financial tool for newbie cardholders, but it's a great way to show school spirit.

5. Charitable Organization Credit Cards

If you think the best rewards are to be had from giving to others, then a charitable Chase credit card may be for you. With every purchase you make on these cards, a percentage of the total is donated to the charity sponsored by the card. Organizations like the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The First Responders Foundation and the National WE CARE Foundation all have a Chase credit card behind them.

As you can see, there's no lack of Chase credit cards available. No matter what your needs or preferences are, there's a Chase credit card to suit your needs perfectly.