Credit Cards Go Gimmicky

by : Ajeet Khurana

Credit card vendors have always been trying to get more customers. There is such great competition in the credit card markets that these companies are left with no choice. There seem to be too many credit card providers, each of whom is offering scores of terrific credit card offers. Too much competition among the vendors results in the customer becoming the king. Thus, we have a wide variety of credit cards that offer us various kinds of incentives. There are cash back credit cards. There are cards that offer us zero percent balance transfer. There are cards that give us a period of zero interest. And now, we even have credit cards to cater to various hobbies and activities.

Yes, you got that right. Credit cards are now appealing to people's likes and dislikes in their bid to win over more clients. Credit cards that are sports-related have become quite the rage. For instance, the Bank of America will be bringing out team-branded cards to add to the celebrations in this year's National Football League season. Given the craze that football has, this is not just a gimmick. The Bank of America has made a smart move by teaming up with the NFL, and it is hoping to make huge profits in the football craze that will be in the swing this year.

At such times, the question of "Will this or won't this work?" does arise. However, most credit card vendors start out with a specific goal in their minds. They are conscious of the likely risks. But they have their eye on the potential gains. If you check out the various rewards that have caught on in the credit card market in recent times, you cannot help but notice that they are all gimmicky in nature. It is just that some gimmicks are more successful than others. The ones that are successful sometimes last for a long time. The ones that are not usually fade into oblivion till someone decides to develop a new and improved version.

Of course, many customers tend to be caught by the gimmicks of credit card vendors. This is why it is so important to carry out a certain amount of research prior to signing any deal. The more one knows the less likely one will be to fall for a gimmick. This will also ensure that one is able to select the best from the ordinary. A little research does go a long way.