Anz Frequent Flyer Credit Card For Cheaper Travel

by : Devin Gilliland

There are several credit cards in Australia that offer travel rewards that exceed just the basics. Many credit cards offer benefits such as frequent flyer miles and point based systems but these cards are often difficult to redeem points with and they can often be quite confusing in terms of transferring points from your card to your frequent flyer program. However, there is a new breed of travel based credit cards that make Australian travel much easier and cheaper. The ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card is one of those cards and it is a piece of plastic that helps travelers travel more often and with less hassle.

The Frequent Flyer card stands out from the crowd because it has several benefits that other cards don't, including: automatic credits to your Qantas frequent flier account, bonus points for certain purchases, a long interest free purchase period, online banking and a low balance transfer rate for the entire first year. The Flyer card is among the new breed of credit cards in Australia that is geared more toward the consumer then the credit card company.

Since this travel rewards card is meant for the frequent flyer, it works great if you already belong to the Qantas frequent flyer program. The more you spend on your card the more points that you get in your account. As a matter of fact, all the money that you put onto your ANZ frequent flyer card will translate to bonus points on your account automatically. You do not have to jump through hoops like other credit card companies make you do. There are no phone calls to make or emails to send because your points automatically transfer over. Plus, just by using the frequent flyer card at certain places, any Bonus Partners Australia (including Qantas), you can earn even more bonus points. Often you will earn twice the rewards from using your card on Qantas purchases.

The ANZ frequent flyer credit card makes traveling all that much easier but it offers other rewards as well. The low interest rate on purchases is another big reason so many card holders love it. You start off with 44 days of interest free purchases. This means that you can make purchases your very first day with the card and not actually pay for them in full until 44 days down the road. After this "intro" period is over you still get a 2.9% APR for the rest of the year.

The ANZ frequent flyer credit card is among the newer Australian credit cards that can be used for a variety of travel related purposes. These 'travel cards' are efficient in helping frequent flyers travel more effectively.