Visa Credit Cards Are The Lords Of The Rings

by : Devin Gilliland

Jackie Chan the famous Hollywood actor tries all his stunts to be selected in a team that is going to China for the Olympics to be held at Beijing, but in the end it is revealed to him that if he is the holder of Visa Credit Cards then there is no other qualification required to be at Beijing for the Olympics. This is the reach and the hold of Visa Credit Cards. You name any event of international level, and Visa Credit Cards would invariably be one of the business partners. Visa Credit Cards is one of the most commonly recognizable financial services brands all over the world, which transcends the barriers of culture, language and civilization to offer the financial services in times of need. By extending the facility of Visa Credit cards, the holders of the services galvanize the conductance of global commerce by providing the platform to exchange information among financial institutions, merchants and consumers.

Through the Visa Credit Cards one is assured of making payment and getting payment in a sanitized, smooth and trustworthy manner in more than 170 countries and the adjoining territories. The story of Visa Credit Cards began in 1970 when it was registered in the state of Delaware as National Bank Americard Incorporation. From these beginning was initiated the system of electronic payments and settlement system through the use of Visa Credit Cards. The blue and gold flag of Visa Credit Cards got its shape in 1976 when Bank Americard was christened as Visa and from then onwards Visa Credit cards are known by this name across 170 countries, of myriad cultures and civilizations. Translated into specifics, the famous blue green logo of Visa credit cards can be found in prominent display at 27 million merchant establishments and more than 1 million ATMs showing this blue green logo foot map nearly whole of the globe.

Visa Credit cards are synonymous with any time any where ethos and this came into vogue in 1983 with setting up of ATM network on a worldwide scale by extending the facility of access to cash on round the clock basis throughout the year. The way modern business and travel associated with the leisure industry has evolved from 1983 onwards, has been contributed in no less a significant manner by Visa Credit Cards. The operations of Visa credit cards operate on a world class system of payments which nullifies the potential of fraud to the barest minimum. This is done by providing information to the member banks who are issuing the Visa Credit cards the information which is of real time value to them. Visa Credit cards are indeed the Lord of the rings as it was the first to come out with a chip which when embedded on to the card facilitated operation of all Visa credit cards, along with master card and Euro money on chip-reading materials of all kinds in a totally seamless manner. The payment systems operating through the Visa Credit cards reached the magical figure of US $ 1 trillion in 1997, which was a milestone of monumental propositions as far as the payment industry, is concerned.