Need Help Dealing With Credit Card Woes?

by : Rachel Yoshida

There are so many people that rely heavily on credit cards to see them through tight pinches in the everyday struggle to get by. This was never the real purpose for credit cards. It is best when they are only used to purchase things that you can actually afford to pay for. Somewhere along the line, they have made the transition from being a source of credit that was meant to be paid off at the end of each month, to a credit devastating liability simply because people started to use them for things that they could not afford to pay for.

When you have become addicted to the habit of pulling out a credit card to use for every thing, people sometimes forget that all these purchases will end up costing them double, triple, and even more if the balance is not paid off quickly. It has also become a habit of many to blame the credit card companies for their current state of affairs.

Although there are questionable practices that some credit card companies are using, the bottom line is that the tremendous debts that can not be paid are the fault of the credit card user. When you knowingly make purchases that you know you can not pay off at the end of the month, you know that there is interest to be paid regardless of the policies of the credit card you use. In reality, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

When you have maxed out the credit limit on a card and it is no longer useful, all you are left with is the debt. This is where so many finally realize the magnitude of what they have done. In many cases it is too late to do anything but pay the devil his due. This can be a difficult thing to do if you can not pay the balance off all at once. This is no news to those who have found themselves in this position.

It does seem that a lot of credit card holders who have not yet found themselves in this desperate situation are at least paying attention to the dire straights of others. We must learn to live within our means and never charge things unless we are sure we can afford them and know that we are responsible enough to make sure we pay the bill when it is due. This is the only real way that anyone will ever be able to get ahead. We are going to have to go back to being a pay as you go society in order to rebound our economic situation. It really is not rocket science, just good old common sense.