Prepaid Credit Cards For Children

by : Lawrence Fine

Teach money management skills with prepaid credit cards for children!

So many adults have learned the hard way that money management skills are important in today's society. Before the age of credit cards, it was far more difficult to get into more debt than you could handle. Credit cards aren't going away anytime soon. So it just makes sense that we teach our kids how to manage their finances responsibly and realistically.

In fact, statistics indicate that a majority of recent high school graduates cannot balance a checkbook! This spells trouble for our kids in the future. Ironically, one great way to teach kids about money management is with prepaid credit cards for children.

All parents know that kids think that there is a bottomless pit of money from which to draw and purchase every toy and goodie they spot. It's hard to make them understand the relative value of money. When a child is about twelve years old, the prepaid credit cards for kids can provide eye-opening lessons and perspectives on the value of money.

If you were coming of age back in the 1970s, you surely remember the loads of credit cards taht flooded your mailbox. Credit card companies made the proposition so attractive, who could resist? As a result, plenty of people got in financial trouble that was hard to rectify.

With prepaid credit cards for children, you can put the shoe on the other foot. Kids yearn to be in control of some aspects of their lives. How many times have you heard your kids say, "Hey, Mom, it's only $20!" Well, parents, here's your chance to teach them what $20 means in the bigger picture. Whereas $20 is nothing when it's coming out of Mom's wallet, a $20 bill placed in their hands is another story.

For maximum effect, begin with the purchase of your kids prepaid credit card in the amount of $50. An impressive amount indeed. Make it clear that they are in complete control of how they use the available funds, but once it's spent, don't come to you looking for more. Let the child know how long this windfall must last.

Explain the concept behind this prepaid credit card for children. It's a step into the grown-up world of money. The kids must understand that, although they can go into almost any store and make a purchase, the available money decreases with each purchase. Buying a soda and a bag of chips depletes their buying power and may also incur a transaction fee for using the card.

You should suggest that the kids make a list of toys, videos or whatever their heart desires for that month and that they price shop to see how far their kids prepaid credit card funds will go. Tell them to save their receipts. Then is the time to leave them to their own devices.

Using prepaid credit cards for children as a life lesson may save them much heartache in the future. Look online for credit cards that fit your family needs.