What Not To Do When Advertising On Your Site

by : Whalehooks

A lot of the blogs that you may read are full of great advice about how to improve your blog and what to do to make it happen. These are great tools to learn all the basics and apply it into your blog and website. But now you will learn a little bit about the what not to do's when it come to blogs and see the other side of the fence.

If you are reading this and recongize a few things that maybe apply to yor own blog, it is probably a good time to rethink and resign the way that you are doing things. Advertising is always changing and there is nothing wrong with making some good, positive changes in your blog. So just take a moment and see what changes you can make.

Placing Too Many Ads

If you notice that your site has more advertisements then it does content. That is one of the first places that you should start looking. If you are not sure if your blog has too many ads, open it up right now and take a look. If the first thing you notice is all the ads, than that is not what you want.

Generally for most bloggers, the main purpose of your blog is to make money but that doesn't mean it should be your first priority. Having too many ads on your page will give off the idea to your readers that all you care about it money and not about the content. Even if for you all you want is money, you still need to provide good content to your readers.

Unrelated Advertising

There is nothing more distracting than reading a blog about one topic and seeing ads that don't have anything to do with the content. This can be very annoying to all of your readers and make them think that you don't really care about the main purpose of the blog. Try to only have good adverising that is related to your content.

Animation and Flashing Ads

When animation first came around, it was cute and even sometimes entertaining. But now that we have all seen animation before, it just isn't all the cute and creative anymore. Try to think of things that you would want to look at. If someone is reading your blog and an advertisement keeps on flashing at them, they will most likely not want to go back and read more.

Another topic in this area are pop-up ads. They can be annoying and take away from the purpose of your blog. You may notice that most people have pop-up blockers exactly for this purpose. No one likes to spend their time closing a bunch of small boxes when they are trying to read the content on the page.

Remember that these are just some general ideas about what not to do when it comes to the advertising on your blog. Try to be tasteful and classy. Only put the type of advertising that you yourself would like to see when reading someones blog.