The Top 6 Reasons Why Some People Fail In Network Marketing

by : Kevin Tyler Smith

Network marketing is not the perfect business that will fit every business person's personality or interests.? It's also not always 100% fail-safe.? For every 10 that enters this business, nine will fail and only one will reap the rewards.? Avoid becoming just a statistic and learn the top 6 reasons why some people fail in network marketing.?

The Expectations Are Unachievable

People who want to get rich quick should play the lottery or go into the jewelry business.? They should not focus their efforts on network marketing.? True, the network marketing business can be very rewarding but a get-rich-quick scheme it is not.?

Anyone going into network marketing must be ready to put in some effort to grow it.? It won't grow on its own.? Network marketing is just not a business for the lazy.? People fail in network marketing because they don't see it as a business they have to work on.? They also have expectations that are too unrealistic even for the more experienced to attain.?

They Fail To See It For The Opportunity

Some people fail in network marketing because they look at a $49.95 deal and treat it as a $49.95 business.? The result?? They get no more than what they expected because they view it as an expense – a rather cheap one at that.?

Every network marketing business represents an opportunity for the business owner or network marketer.? If they can't see it for the business that it is, they will continue to treat it with little enthusiasm.? It's a potential that they miss out on simply because they had the wrong view.?

They Try To Reinvent The Wheel

Network marketing is a wheel that has been invented and implemented a long time ago.? Since network marketing involves only the replication of strategies, there really is no need to try to change anything.??

This replication is critical to success.? People fail in network marketing because their network cannot replicate the system that is already in place – the same system that worked just fine for the sponsors.? The result is that downlines and new recruits become disenchanted and give up, since nothing they do seems to work.?

They're In It Only For The Money

There is nothing wrong with having money as a driving influence in network marketing.? After all, that's really the reason why people work or go into business anyway.?

However, they forget that they have a business to run and that they should focus on showing potential customers and new recruits the advantages of their business so they can build it from the ground up.? Network marketing is about building relationships and using those relationships to drive a business.? Focus too much on the money and you'll fail in bringing people in.??

They Focus On The Wrong Aspects Of Business

Another reason why people fail in network marketing is because they use their resources on activities that do not improve their business at all.? Administrative tasks, for example, can take up a lot of time.? But in the bigger scheme of things, it won't impact the business at all, especially not one that is already established.?

They Fail To Network

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in network marketing.? By failing to build a strong support system, they not only fail to bring in effective recruits, they also fail in establishing a solid foundation.??

The lack of a good foundation is one of the reasons some people fail in network marketing.? A networking business grows by spreading exponentially and without the right recruits, this is just plain impossible to achieve.

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