5 Vital Components to A Successful Network Marketing Company

by : Michael L. Smith

There are five crucial elements to a network marketing company and it's long term success. Do you really want to build your business and then have to do it again in 12 months when the company goes under? Of course not, nobody does.

For that reason, these five elements must be in place for a company to be around long term.

The first element is the company management. You want to know the company management knows what they are doing. Have they been in the business world before? What is their track record? If these managers are leaving a trail of flames behind them you may want to walk away.

Find out what kind of person they truly are and what their experience is. You can't join a company with horrible management because they may start taking away from the compensation plan. First they take away the car bonus and next they cut your check.

Network marketing isn't about the company, it's about the people. The managers should have integrity and their goal should be to please the distributors. Distributors build the company, not the managers so this is vital.

Second is the timing that you get into a company. There are a ton of companies that are ground floor and blowing up. This isn't what you're looking for. Don't fall for the hype of the "ground floor opportunity" what this means is that the company has no experience and will probably fail.

Plain and simple, you need to find an established company. Sure, if you can get into a company before they go public then that is great. However, make sure the company has established itself and has everything in order. Don't fall for the "ground floor" pre launch garbage, these companies will not be around long.

The next component is the product, this may be the most important piece.

Your product has to be remarkable, it has to be "the purple cow." The purple cow is the one that stands out in a sea of brown cows.

Also. your company has to have multiple products. If your company only has a single product, your company will do great for a little while then they will flat line. So component three is having multiple products so you can backend another product to buyers.

The fourth component is the compensation plan. The compensation plan reflects the behavior in the field. You shouldn't just have to recruit, you need to have retail sales. If a company is just telling you to recruit, then run away.

Finally, the last component is a true system. You have to have a team website and training available to everyone. You have to have a system that can let the average person earn money quickly. On the note of training, I'm not talking about the companies training.

The company will tell people to go out and get a hundred "no's" because it will just feel so good to get that yes. When growth starts to happen you need to have somewhere all of your team can go for a plan of action. So team training is vital to your success.