How to build Network Marketing Business.

by : Fernando Soave

Discover how to attract the help you need to build your Network Marketing Business.

by Fernando Soave ? 2003

Positiv thinkers dare to believe that the biggest
and best men or woman in the world can be attracted
to their cause or project.
Try for the best man or woman in the world
and you can secure his help.

How do you attract the help of the best man or woman you need ?

1.Be prepared to pay for the help you need.

Watch out for that negative money trap :
“You probably can’t afford not to spend the money to hire the help."
Be prepared to pay top price for the top man or woman.
The best man or woman are usually worth
more then they are getting.
It almost always pays to hire the best.

2.Be a team builder, not an empire founder.

Successful man or woman are those
who have a “team complex", not a “star complex".
Positiv thinkers are team builders, not empire founders.

3.Forget about “status", credit and glory.

Status-seeking, credit-grabling and glory-hunting executers
generate unimaginable jealousy.
Instead of inspiring their associates to really produce,
they stimulate negative emotions that contribute to a terrible letdown.
The smart and successful men or woman finds joy
in watching his associates get ahead.
They never allow themselves to view their associates
as threats to their own proud position.
They know that this very thought will be the beginning of their downfall.
You can surround yourself with skilled specialists
if you will establish a “share-the-credit-plan".
As the proverb says :
“Take good care of your people
and your people will take good care of you."

4.Offer your people a unique pace-setting challenge.

Promise them the chance to join in creating something bigger
and better than has ever been done before.
Great men or woman are attracted to great challenges.

5.Give your teammates great freedom.

The greatest men or woman are attracted
by a great challenge coupled with the promise of great freedom.
Promise them freedom :
-to plan
-to dream
-to imagine.

Great freedom generates maximum energy
and extracts unbelievable dedication.

6.Make up your mind not to lose a good man or woman
once you have him on your team.

Any man or woman you hire will have his weaknesses.
Try to strenghten them where they are weak.
If that fails, fill the gap in the job by rearranging and reorganizing.

7.Learn to live with difficult people.

Learn from them and learn to work with them.
Some of the people you may need to help solve you problems
or develop your dreams may be the kind of people
who are not always easy to go along with.
These are people who seem to like to argue.
Try to keep your differences with them on the plane of disagreement.
Try to prevent these disagreements from becoming violent arguments.

Find and hire people who are smarter then you are.
Whether your business is building a business empireComputer Technology Articles,
your success will be enhanced if you learn how to be a team builder.

Fernando Soave
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