Finding Great Value in a Used Car Loan

by : Jon Arnold

Used cars are sometimes not the best way to go when you are purchasing a new vehicle and you need a used car loan. Sometimes we can't just buy a new car though. Many of us need the used cars in order to afford them. There can be many tricks in the whole deal that are unsatisfying overall. When you are trying to find a great value in a used car loan you should considered many things like what to watch out for, how it may differ from purchasing from a dealer versus a private party, the warranty, and of course how to negotiate.

The first thing you should decide is where you are going to buy the used car. If you are working with a private seller, you will not have an extended warranty option, and many banks consider this a higher risk, and therefore the used car loan will likely have a higher interest rate. There are things you can do to get a better used car loan deal in this situation. You can have the car checked out by a qualified mechanic and you can speak directly with a company regarding an extended warranty to see if that option is available. You can also up the coverage on your auto insurance for comp and collision rather than just liability.

Most car loans, even used car loans are going to ask for this change, but if you have shown responsibility with the lender on previous loans, you may get a lower interest rate than normal with a private party. Used car loans are based on your credit history, employment, and the price of the vehicle. As long as you have a good standing with your credit history, enough credit history, and proper income for the car payment, you should be able to find a great value in a used car loan. You should also make sure to check the value of the car against the selling price. This can help in negotiations as well as get you a better used car loan.

When you are shopping for a used car at a dealership, you are usually assured of a better used car loan deal if the place is reputable and therefore the bank can trust in the vehicle a little more, which means more trust in you. A vehicle at a dealership will offer you an extended warranty or at least a small warranty (as opposed to NO warranty from a private seller), which is a good option to go with for lowering the interest rate of the used car loan. This can ensure the lender you are responsible and the vehicle will remain in good care.

You also have more ability to negotiate on price at the dealer. As long as you are armed with how much the car is worth you can negotiate the price for the fair value over the amount the dealership wants. This can help with the used car loan because you will reduce your overall borrowing amount. Like any used car loan you will need to have good standing on your credit history, proper income, and proof of employment.