Buying A Car? Keep These Important Auto Loan Questions In Mind

by : Mark Robinson

Thinking of buying a car? Yes, then be prepared to handle the over-enthusiastic salespersons you'll run into regularly. You must have a well-prepared negotiation plan in place since you'll need it desperately during the final stages of the purchase. You'll also have brace yourself up for another significant entity in the car purchase process, the auto-loan manager.

While on the look out for the most appropriate car for yourself, live by the phrase, "Buyer Beware." There are several pushy sales people out there who'll stoop to their lowest to get a sale from you. They can sometimes get on your nerves and unless you keep your cool, matters can get out of hand too.

As mentioned earlier, the next person in the buying process will be the auto-loan manager, who can sometimes turnout to be even a step further than the hardcore salesmen. Prior to finalizing your auto loan deal, there are a few questions that you must definitely get answered. They are:

1. Are there any hidden charges you need to unveil? : You must be extremely careful and well informed while dealing with the auto loan providers. Ask them openly about any hidden costs like transaction fee, processing fee etc. in the loan. Many dealers insist on putting conditions on early repayment of the complete loan amount by way of penalties. Try your best to avoid any such condition since it'll render you unable in re-financing the loan later.

2. Are you getting the final approval of auto loan there and then? : The auto loan managers have a tendency of misleading the customers by stating that the deal is through and then calling up the following day to inform that it got shelved for some stupid reasons. Then they'll guide you to a different auto loan lender who might approve the loan at a higher interest rate and with some additional fee too. You must read between the lines and never leave the automobile shop before getting the final approval of the loan.

3. What is the interest rate of the auto loan? : The interest rate of an auto-loan is the single most important factor in its purchase. You must find out the APR from the dealer while doing comparisons of different loan offers. Also find out the calculations they do to generate their APR since different lenders adopt different methods of their calculation. Understanding this factor will provide you with a better insight into the lender's loan cost.

4. Are you beware of the tag-along products? : The car dealers normally try to increase their sales revenue by persuading the customers to buy credit disability or credit life policies. You must take care that you make no such commitment prior to doing a comparative analysis for those additional products.

Auto loan is not as difficult a matter as it seems. If you use your wisdom and patience to perfection, the best auto loan deal may just be a few steps away.