Car Insurance Rates - Teenagers

by : Timothy Croy

Auto insurance varies greatly from one group of drivers to another. This is mainly due to different types of driving styles. Factors such as age, sex, credit history, marital status, and criminal background can greatly affect your car insurance rate.

Car insurance rates for teenagers continues to be among some of the highest rates seen by anyone applying for auto insurance. Unfortunately teenagers have alot going against them when insurance companies consider them for coverage. Lack of experience, little to no credit history, and no marital status are all factors that skyrocket a teenager's insurance rate. The highest auto insurance rates observed by any individual are usually any male driver under the age of 25. Teenager's are also "statistically" more liable to get into a car wreck. In 2003 teenagers made up less than 5% of all drivers, but were involved in nearly 20% of fatal car accidents, an 22% of any type of car accident. Statistically teenager's are a huge liability for insurance companies, and they make up for the liability in increased rates.

Fortunately, there are options for teens looking for ways to decrease their rates. A teen may be put under the same policy as his/her parents, therefore decreasing the rate. This can sometimes result in an increased rate for the parent's, but the overall savings usually make up for the adjustment. The type of car also has a small factor in the rate price. A car with a low profile engine, high safety measures, and mediocre value are generally considered better in the eyes of insurance companies. Obviously a teenager's rate is going skyrocket if they drive a brand new porsche or high valued luxury sedan.

Another option for teens is to take a drivers training course. Teens that have never driven a car, or are getting their license for the first time would do well to take a drivers training course - as not only would their insurance rates decrease, you are at much less risk to get into an accident after taking the course.

There are many other options available to the would-be teen looking to decrease their insurance rates.