Car Insurance Rates for Teenagers

by : Timothy Croy

When you give a vehicle to a teenager for them to drive, you are entrusting them with a big responsibility. Simply put, a lot of things like the vehicle's safety, the teenager's safety are at stake. Rather than asking the teenagers to curb his obsession, you could buy car insurance for the teenager which will insure the teenager against any possible fatality.

Car Insurance Rates for Teenagers are dependant on certain factors as listed below:

Type of Car - Insurance companies desire that teenagers drive older and heavier cars. These cars are less prone to accidents and extremely hard to drive recklessly. It is a taken fact that the older cars are less prone to accidents encouraging customers to drop collision coverage off their insurance policies thus reducing the cost of the insurance cover.

Driving History - It is important for the teen to know basic etiquettes of driving on the roads. First time drivers are encouraged to go to a driving school to learn the basics before they hit the roads. If a teenager has been driving for quite some time, one word of caution for them endash Drive carefully as a lot of insurance companies give attractive discounts on their car insurance rates to teenagers.

School Grades - When you shop for the best car insurance rates for teenagers, keep a close eye on insurance plans which offer attractive discounts to students who have scored B grade in their schools or higher. Sometimes, these discounts go as high as 25% which will ensure that your premium cost dwindles down considerably.

Car insurance for teenagers can be a drain on your finances. It is an expense which one cannot dispense off from their records just so to ensure that the teenager is insured, irrespective of whether he is driving a sports car or a bulky 1970 model sedan.