How To Get The Best Rates On Car Insurance In California

by : Deborah Mills

Before agreeing to any car insurance policy, a driver in California should check that the agent they are dealing with is indeed licensed by the state. To do this they need to contact the California Department of Insurance. If you don't take this step and the insurance agent or company you ultimately purchase a policy from isn't licensed, you may not have any protection when an accident occurs.

Although each insurance company uses a slightly different system to determine rates there are things you, as a driver, can do to help ensure you do enjoy the best rates on car insurance in California, including:

• Insure all the vehicles in your household in one policy. Many people get married and retain their own car insurance. Many car insurance companies offer a multi-vehicle discount for households where more than one car is insured. This is also a great way to save money if you have a child or parent who drives and they live with you. The more cars you insure in one policy, the larger the savings.

• Raise the standard deductible level. When you ask for a car insurance quote the agent you are talking with will likely quote you a price that is based on a low deductible. If you raise that deductible, the premium cost will drop.

• Ask your employer about group insurance. Many employers offer the benefit of group health insurance to their employees and some do the same with car insurance. A group policy can save substantially over the cost of an individual policy. This is definitely worth inquiring about.

Being married can also help you to find the best rates on car insurance. Living in certain areas that are viewed as low crime also helps to reduce insurance costs. The most important thing to remember when you go shopping for car insurance in California is to ask about all available discounts and then determine which are relevant to your particular situation.

Most people never give a second thought to whether or not they have health insurance unless they become ill. This is particularly true of young people who often view themselves as invincible. The problem is that no one is, and a serious and life-threatening illness can strike at just about any time.

The California Department of Insurance can offer information to residents looking for health insurance. They can't however, offer advice on which company is best suited for a particular individual's insurance needs. This is why it's so important for anyone considering coverage to research several companies and ask for quotes before making a final decision.

For someone who is young and hasn't really ever suffered any medical problems beyond the occasional broken bone or head cold, health insurance can seem like a foreign entity. This is ironic in that the best time to buy individual health insurance is when a person is young. This will often generate the lowest rates and if they stay with one company over time, the insured is likely to enjoy renewal discounts.

Deciding what coverage you need is the first step when looking for a policy. If you have a family history of a particular illness such as cardiac problems or cancer, you may want a policy that will provide critical care coverage. If you are dependent on your income on a week-to-week basis, than disability coverage is a must as you will need the coverage to help you pay your bills should you suddenly become ill.

Young people who are parents will have special considerations as children also need eye and dental care in addition to doctor and hospital coverage. A good and experienced insurance agent will work with each individual to produce a policy that is tailored to their medical needs and their budget. This is really the approach to take when looking for the best rates as you'll get the exact coverage you need at a reasonable price.