Get Cheap Car Insurance

by : Jason Hulott1

Invariably, we all wish to find the cheapest deal when obtaining car insurance and what better than to use a specialist website. There is a profusion of insurance companies out there competing for our custom but not all can offer cheap car insurance. It would be quite time consuming to sieve through numerous insurance suppliers for those who can quote within the required budget. This is when choosing a specialist website which gives you access to the marketplace would prove invaluable when attempting to obtain cheap car insurance.

The real benefit of using a specialist website is the mere fact that you only have to enter your details the once. Then it is a simply matter of altering certain criteria to see how that affects the end price. It could be a detail for example the payment method. It is often cheaper to pay an insurance premium annually rather than monthly, as there is frequently a surcharge for making payments by instalments. Another simple way of price reduction can be achieved by merely increasing the excess you are prepared to pay. Changing the excess from £50.00 to £500.00 can reduce the premium by 20%.

Your location can affect your car insurance, this maybe one of the deciding factors should you be looking to move. What better than to have a specialist website that allows you to peruse with ease the difference in price a postcode can make when searching for cheap car insurance. This website is also valuable should you be considering changing your car, as the make and model, can play an important part in comprising the quote. It is also worth knowing that insurance premiums are lower if you have owned the car for more than one year.

Some insurance companies offer a discount if you are a homeowner. Offering a further discounted price on their policies if you take another insurance product with them, like home insurance. Adding an older driver to your policy can also cut premiums by 12-15% as they are deemed safer drivers. Insurance companies also give lower premiums to married people rather than those who co-habit, yielding as much as a 30% discount. The fitting of a car alarm, the use of secure off-road parking, either on a drive or in a garage, also affects the price.

Having four or more years no claim discount (NCD) is of great influence when seeking cheap car insurance and whether to protect that NCD is a factor. It is wise to be aware that often policies that offer free NCD protection have the protection built into the price. However, an instant way of obtaining cheap car insurance is by simply deciding if it really needs to be fully comprehensive or whether third party, fire and theft will suffice.

By using this specialist website, the quotes can be saved and collated in any order required and the information can then be easily accessed at a time that best suits you. In addition, the car insurance can be then purchased from this website without the need of repeating the input of details. With the knowledge that this specialist website is independent, offering an extensive range of trusted insurance companies from the marketplace. The impartial information supplied will help the user easily and efficiently obtain the best deal when seeking cheap car insurance.