How to Finance Your Motor Car

by : Mark Bellinger

Car & Motor Vehicle Financing Options

In these times of high interest rates and rising motor vehicle prices it is wise to examine all of the possible ways of financing your car to ensure that you are employing the cheapest possible finance method possible.

Motor vehicle finance generally comes at a relatively high interest rate so the aim should be to secure capital at the lowest possible rate possible.

It is therefore important to exploit various ways of financing your vehicle to ensure that your repayments are kept to minimum.

Ways to Finance Your Motor Car

  • Home Loan

    You can use the equity in your mortgage or home loan to finance your car which is a good op tion as the effective interest rate you will be paying will be less than that on a car finance deal.

    Should you not be able to borrow on your bond you could always extend it by applying for a home loan extension here which will provide you with relatively cheap capital or finance to purchase your car.

  • Debt Consolidation Loan

    Another financing option is to get a debt consolidation loan which will provide you with enough capital to buy your chosen vehicle.

    This kind of loan is available to those who own property even if they have been previously declined by the banks or have been blacklisted.

So if you are in the market for a new or used car consider your options before buying - you could be saving yourself a small fortune by selecting the right vehicle financing option.

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