Guaranteed Car Finance - Just Go for It!

by : Apurva Shree

Wanna know guaranteed car finance better? First, imagine this: you got an extremely poor credit score; or let's be a little mild - you got a less than perfect credit score. You want to own a new car and decide to get a loan. However, the lender sweetly denies you, labeling you as 'a high risk client'. You come back home with a long face. Gone are your dreams of owning a car. Wait! This is just your imagination!

Now, let's look at the reality. Your credit score remains very much the same, but the end scene changes. Instead of coming home with a long face, you come home jumping with joy thanks to guaranteed car finance! These are special sort of loans given to those individuals who were denied loans elsewhere either due to poor credit scores or any other reason. The lenders dealing with no credit check car loan provide finance even to those who have mortgage arrears or CCJ's.

Get Loans Without Credit History
And don't think that because you have no credit history, nobody will pay attention to you. Guaranteed car finance makes sure that everyone gets to own a car. Therefore, they provide no credit auto loans to those who have nil credit history. Usually these students are just out of college. For them, this king of car finance is no less than a boon!

New Is Good
Although many people are apprehensive of trying something new, they do not want to face the embarrassing situation of loan denial. And this will happen, if you go to any other lender for loan with a bad credit. They scrutinize your credit rating with such details like a scientist examining bacteria under a microscope! Finally, when they have scrutinized to their heart's content, they calmly refuse because your scores are lower than their expectations. And mind you, they aren't interested in knowing WHY your scores are low. So, don't ever think that you would melt their hearts with a sob story of credits!

You can avert this situation by opting for guaranteed car finance. Well, you might have to pay a bit higher interest rates for poor credit scores, but at least you get a loan and a car at the end. So, the choice is yours. Do you wanna apply for bad credit auto loans and own a car or apply for regular loans and get a long face?