The Secret About Money And Debt

by : Court Tuttle

For those who are unaware of what "The Secret" is we should start there. It is a film that presents the Law of Attraction as a means to material gain and wellness. It is used in many self-help workshops and personal development circles.

It is a simple, yet, clear message of how to obtain and help oneself through spiritual and mind control. It addresses the power of the mind and the control you have over your own destiny.

Money should not make a person happy nor should it bring happiness to be rich just for the sake of being rich. Or the opposite connotation, that money isn't flowing so that means you are poor and unhappy. You create a livelihood for yourself that shouldn't have worked out for a variety of reasons, yet has. This is the plot of the film.

The Law of Attraction is a belief system that we assign arbitrary value to many things based on a number of factors to ourselves. In this particular article we are addressing only money and debt.

In "The Secret" there are testimonies where money has come and gone repeatedly over the years. And when one becomes afraid and worries, frets or questions life, their financial situation reflects that back.

And every time that same person has made a quantum leap in trusting that all is well, no matter what it looks like on the outside, the financial situation reflects that back also in an unexpected and magical way.

Some individuals have come to use money as a barometer to inform them that it is time for an energetic alignment and as an adjustment of letting go and trusting more in a positive manner. As performing as a 'positive' magnet, the 'positive' energy will be returned to you.

"The Secret" teaches that reflections and mirrors along with feelings and trust are some of the ways we use to learn about ourselves. The approach to money taken by this film is that money is a form of abundance, if only we learn to tap into it. And by tapping into it we also eliminate one of our largest hurdles, debt!

We each deserve to have abundance in our lives and to be happy and should have money in balance with a conscious awareness of the world. If we have money we should do what we can to give generously and share with those less fortunate or capable than us.

The question is does money control us, or do we control money? Money will not make a person happy, what you do with it as you discover your true self will.