Debt Loans : Rid Accumulated Debt, Reduce Monthly Payments

by : Louis Rix

Those who have credit card and loan repayments and who are struggling to meet their monthly repayments could consider combining them. By putting them all together and taking out a single loan you could lower your monthly repayments and have just one creditor. However, while debt loans can work but you do have to give them some serious consideration before rushing into taking one out.

The secret behind how debt loans work is getting the cheapest rate of interest possible. If you can get a very low rate this will mean you will pay less over the time you take out the loan. It also means that you will save money in comparison to paying your existing debts. If your debts are credit card repayments then the rate of interest for these can be as high as 29% APR. You do have to give some thought to making sure that even with a low rate of interest you would not be losing out in the long run. For instance, if you only have a year or so to struggle on and this is possible, then considering a consolidation loan taken out for 5 or more years would end up costing you more overall in interest repayments.

Debt loans are usually offered as either secured or unsecured loans. This will depend on factors such as your credit rating, how much you wish to borrow and how long you want to take it over. If you have a very poor credit rating then you might have to go for a secured consolidation loan. This means that you would have to put your home up as security against the loan and so your home would be at risk. However the secured loan comes with the lowest rates of interest in comparison to the unsecured. You are able to borrow a larger amount of money with this type of loan and repay over a longer period of time.

Unsecured borrowing will come with a higher interest rate but it does give peace of mind that your home is not at risk. You usually cannot borrow as much as with a secured or take it out over as long a period of time however.

Whichever type of loan you choose you can always get the cheapest rates based on your circumstances if you go to a specialist loans broker. A specialist will have the means to search within the loan marketplace and will have access to those lenders you would otherwise miss. They will give you the quotes instantly and you can then go through them at your leisure.

When comparing quotes for debt loans you also need to take the terms and conditions into account. These can make a big difference to the cost of the loan. The interest rates vary and so do the terms so always check each individual quote. You can find how much the loan will cost in total, how much interest will be added on and you will also be informed of any additional costs which could be added. Early repayment fees are often just one addition. This would mean you would have to pay out a certain amount (normally around two months' worth in interest) if you found yourself with the cash to repay the loan earlier than anticipated.