Debt Reduction Options

by : Jayme Hanson

One option for reducing your debt is to get a second job. Basically if you do not get another job then you are only going to have the money you are currently earning to pay your debts off as well as your day to day living expenses. This usually makes it impossible to get debt paid off and seriously less likely that you will ever actually be able to save money. If you don't feel you have the time or energy to devote to a second job, consider working your second job from home; with the Internet, many freelance jobs doing web design and copy writing can be done from home with a high speed Internet connection. If getting a second job is not enough to get you out of debt, then credit counseling is the first tier of debt assistance that can start to make a difference in your life.

Debt Assistance

A one-on-one session with an experienced credit counselor will provide you with resources you need to manage your debt and your finances. With the help of a credit counselor, you will learn how to create a budget - perhaps for the first time in your life - and how to stick to it. You might also learn basic financial management skills. The easiest way to reduce your debt quickly without resorting to debt assistance is to get a second job. Devote your earnings on your second job to getting out of debt. Apply the savings toward the highest interest debt first, then the next highest interest rate, and so forth.

Debt Management

A debt problem may be keeping you from a better life, but there are options out there for those that want to make a change and become debt free. Consumers that allow themselves a limited weekly or monthly allowance tend to find success in taking care of their debt problem. It allows you to be accountable to yourself for what you spend, as long as you remember that you can only spend available extra money that you have. Spending extra money on things that are not needed to survive should only be done depending on what leftover funding is available. Otherwise, you could create more of a debt problem than you started with.

Debt Reduction

Although it may seem useless to even think of a solution to paying your debt when it's hard enough to make ends meet at the present time, the truth is that you do have options. For instance, if you have been behind in your house payments, you should put house payments as your top priority to avoid foreclosure. Loans with high interest rates should also be on top of your list. If you can consolidate your high interest loans with the rest of your loans with lower interest rates, do so.

In order to get out of debt quickly, you must realize that the first and most important step you must take is to put an end to incurring fresh debts. You have to be strong enough to destroy your credit cards, or if you feel you have the will power to control yourself, at least strategize about how to use the credit card most judiciously.