Is a Debt Management Plan For You?

by : Andrew Redfern

Is A Debt Management Plan For You?

Rising food and fuel prices are making many more people struggle to pay their debts so don't worry you're not alone. Are you one of the many thousands of people with too much month left at the end of the money?

Does this situation sound like you?

Paying off a credit card only to then use that same money to pay a catalog or a store card. Or perhaps you have to decide each month which cards you're going to pay and which debts you're going to prioritize.

Do you need someone to help sort out your debts and payments and talk to creditors for you?

Would you like to make one simple affordable payment each month, in order to pay off all your debts, and not take on more debt in order to do this?

If this all sounds like you then you might want to look into a debt management plan.

What Is A Debt Management Plan?

Essentially a debt management company negotiates with your creditors, tries to get them to freeze interest and charges, and works out at an affordable plan for them to get all their money, and you to get less headaches. Everyone agrees how much you can pay each month, you then pay that amount to the debt management company, who then passes it on to your creditors for you.

How Do I Set Up A Debt Management Plan?

You will approach an agency that handles this sort of thing. The national debt line, the citizen's advice bureau, and other charitable debt advice agencies can offer excellent advice on a reputable agency for you to use.

What Do I Have To Watch Out For With A Debt Management Plan?

Firstly you need to make sure that the company you are considering having a plan with his reputable. You need someone to your creditors have heard of and will work with, as they are under no obligation.

Secondly you will want to find out if the agency makes any charges, as if they charge it will take longer for you to pay off your debts. Remember there are charities that either make no charges or very minor charges so they may be the first place you want to look.

Thirdly you should be aware that a debt management plan will probably affect your credit rating. Some creditors may ask for a note to be put on your file to say that you're a debt management plan. Some creditors will still report your account as being in default even though you're on a debt management plan, as you are making reduced payments rather than your full contracted amount.

Who Is A Debt Management Plan Suitable For?

If you feel your situation will improve within a year than a debt management plan may be suitable for you. But if you feel your situation is either not going to improve or maybe even worsen over the next 12 months then you may need to look into alternative solutions. You may also find a debt management plan is suitable to give you a breathing space to assess what you can do and to explore all the options available to you.