Why Playing With A Doll Is Good For Your Daughter?

by : Vgevge

The doll has been the companion of playtime for girls from time immemorial. Every girl has played with dolls in her life, especially when she was a kid. Dolls play a very important role in the development of a girl child. Basically, girls are associated with caring and loving nature, and when she plays with her doll she treats it like her companion or friend and sometimes even her daughter.

Playing with dolls can bring mothers and daughters together. Mothers can teach their kids, good values with the help of dolls and by giving examples too. As a mother you should take out some time and play with your daughter when she plays with her doll. You can also observe her treat her doll, which will give you an idea that what she feels about you. It is seen that daughters reflect their mother's behavior at this tender age and will treat their dolls just like you treat her or talk to her.

Your daughter would like to make new dresses or decorate her doll in many ways, which also shows the field of interest of your daughter. This might show the future talent of your daughter like if she makes beautiful designs for the outfits of her doll and asks you to make it just as she wants, it is quite possible that she will become a dress designer in future. Girls taking more interest in the make up of their dolls like styling its hair or putting lipsticks of different colors on them, she might have interest in either fashion industry or in beautification industry. You can look for her interest and try to let her do what she likes with her doll just keep a watch on her.

While your daughter is playing with her doll, observe what she says or how she behaves with her doll. This will give you an idea of what goes on in her mind and what she thinks about herself or you or womanhood and so on. Dolls are generally connected with little girls and you'll rarely find a boy playing with it. So you should not make your daughter feel inferior anytime if your son teases her. Make her feel proud of being a girl and motivate her by giving examples of successful women in the world. There is one more important point to be noted down that never let your daughter play with only one doll.

Too much attachment to a single doll, can sometimes be not too good. So, observe your child while she plays and make her friendly with all the dolls she has. You can spend some time with her everyday so that she gets convinced and obeys you. Never force her to do things which she is not convinced because it might happen that she would take you to be against her will. So if you feel that your daughter is getting attached to a single doll more, then politely and gradually convince her to play with other dolls too.