Suggestions on Stock Market Day Trading

by : Abhishek Agarwal

If you should go back to the olden days, you would realize that trading was never such a complicated and difficult-to-grasp business as it is today! Terminology like stocks and securities, stock market day trading, currency trading and so on, did not even exist in those days! In fact, your generation would term the people of those days as totally impractical by nature!

If you are part of the trading community today and do not have a clue about how to deal in stocks and bonds, you too face the possibility of being looked down upon just like your forefathers did!

The suggestions given below should help you out! They especially deal with stock market day trading-

(1) What exactly is meant by "stock market"? It refers to trading inside a company's stocks, plus the derivation of the same (listing on the stock exchange's securities and the private trading).

(2) If you opt to venture into day trading (takes place within 24 hours), you will have to learn to plan out strategies that will minimize risks. After all, it is a gamble that you are taking, day after day! Keeping track of current market trends and going along with the flow will ensure more gains and less losses.

(3) Stock market day trading can "make" you or "break" you within just one day! So it demands a lot of self-discipline. Impulsive actions are a strict "no no"!

(4) Regarding the amount required for stock market day trading, the bank allots an amount between $5000.00 up to $50,000.00 for a particular stock day. But if you wish to go for a smaller number of trades, you will not need to invest a large amount of money. It would be advisable to get some idea of the "position sizing" beforehand.

(5) Returns on your investment can be unpredictable, for there are risks involved. However, if you have a good trading system in place, you may just end up with 50% or even 100% of profits, provided you hold stocks for a longer period of time!

(6) In contrast, if you have not learned to discipline yourself and your trading system is all haywire, there goes your investment! And if you have poured in a large amount of money, you may even end up in debts.

(7) Also, it is not possible to win everyday. There will be days in stock market day trading when the situation seems to be totally out of your control. So "pitfalls" can occur.

(8) What are the pitfalls or downsides that can occur during stock market day trading?

(a) Failure of the online broker (web site) to respond, resulting in an incomplete transaction of a trade in process.

(b) There could be a locked or crossed process since the trade was not completed.

(c) The online order is temporarily put on hold.

(d) If real time data receives a setback, you could get a wrong picture of the actual market trend.

(e) A stock symbol could be accidentally misplaced while inserting the order on the web site.

(f) Too many orders could result in wrong tracking.

(8) The best way to avoid these pitfalls and learn how to minimize risks, is to spend some time in acquiring knowledge about stock market day trading. It is entirely dependent on you. How much zeal do you have to educate yourself, so that you can always expect a better outcome? After all, only 20% of your success is dependent on your investment; the remaining 80% lies with your skills to handle the situation!