Private Education Loans

by : Max Bellamy

Education loans are sought by people who don't have personal funds for their education. Private education loans, also known as alternate loans, are those that are taken when federal loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study programs are not sufficient. A private education loan would cover all education expenses such as: tuition, room and board, uniforms, transportation, fees, books and even a computer.

Private education loans are not guaranteed by the government unlike federal loans. These are generally offered by private trusts, philanthropic and non-profit organizations. The loan amount can range between $1,500 and 30,000. Generally, the loan amount would cover the entire cost of education, minus any federal grants or scholarships. All US citizens, nationals, or permanent residents can apply for a loan. Students who are applying for their own loans should be US citizens, should have a good credit record and meet certain conditions. Foreign students can apply with an eligible US cosigner. The interest rates for these loans are higher than those for federal loans ranging between 8-10%. Maximum repayment period is 20 years and is based on the loan amount. Minimum monthly principle and interest payment for some of these loans is $25. Repayment options are of many kinds. These include immediate payment of principle and interest, immediate repayment of interest, deferment of principle, and deferment of both interest as well as principle. These examples are contingent on the kind of loan taken. For graduate/professional loans, both principal and interest are automatically deferred while the student is in school, and during the six months following graduation or from the time the student ceases to be enrolled in school at least half-time. Private education loans cannot be consolidated with federal education loans.

These days, there are many options of private education loans. Even the application process has become very fast and simple with web-based and telephonic applications.