Consider Protecting Your Borrowings With Loan Cover

by : Simon Burgess

Loan cover can be a great way of preparing against the unexpected occurring while you have debts hanging over your head that you are having to repay monthly. A policy allows you to continue repaying your lender as normal if you have an accident or illness which would keep you from attending work and earning a living. If you should become a victim of unemployment such as through redundancy then it would also give you an income which would be tax-free.

This money could make a huge difference when you have loan or credit repayments to make. There are many consequences to getting behind on your repayments and your credit rating will almost certainly be affected. However you could also gain a County Court Judgement against you and some lenders will take you to court to get back what you owe through your repossessions in some circumstances. Loan cover can put a stop to all of this which of course means you are free to concentrate on making a speedy recovery. It would also allow you to look around for work again without financial worry regarding your repayments.

When considering protecting your borrowings in this way the best way to ensure you get the cheapest quote is by looking online for a specialist in payment protection. Such as specialist offers far cheaper quotes than you will be given by lenders on the high street. If you are offered insurance when taking out the policy with your lender, you could be paying well over the odds for your protection policy.

High street lenders make huge profits each year by selling protection insurance, they also make up for the fact they are offering cheap loans. Protection that is taken this way be will be added onto the cost of borrowing and then the interest is calculated on the total amount. In effect you will not only be paying interest on the loan but also your protection for it.

Along with looking for the lowest premiums you also need to compare policies for the beginning and end dates. These differ between providers just as the cost and the exclusions do. You can find that one policy would begin providing you with an income after the 30th day of unemployment or of being unable to work. On the other hand the provider might offer cover that would only benefit you after you are unable to work or have been unemployed for at least 90 days. You also have to check the terms and conditions to see if the provider backdates the cover to the first date of you becoming unemployed or of being incapacitated. As for the exclusions they are to be found in all policies. However, some providers will add in many and others only the most general ones.

Loan cover has in the past been called nothing but a "rip-off" and in some cases when taken out with the loan it can be expensive. However if you choose to buy your cover independently from an ethical provider you can be assured that you will have cover you can rely on.