Cheap Insurance - New Driver Guidance

by : Mike Howell

Cheap insurance for new drivers can be found by searching the Internet. You will most often be quoted a higher rate if you phone an insurance salesman or if you phone the home office of a large insurance company. This is because it costs the insurance company more to hire and train people than it does to simply use computers.

Consequently, the cheapest method for an insurance company to quote rates is to employ an online, automated system. Many times, an automated system will provide a lower rate quote to a new driver because it is less expensive for the insurance company to pay for computers than for people.

And, consider this . . . if you accept the recommendations of your agent, you could easily be overpaying by 50% or more. Let's be honest with ourselves - they don't always have YOUR best interests at heart.

When it comes to finding cheap insurance for new drivers, knowledge is power. You will be most successful at finding cheap insurance for young drivers by making an effort to understand both the process and your options.

Many automobile insurance companies exist to offer low cost insurance. New drivers and people on tight budgets are targeted by these companies. Insurance rates can vary by hundreds of dollars, not only between companies, but also within the same company. Discovering low cost insurance for a new driver can be accomplished if you ask enough of the right questions. For example:


Is your new driver an excellent student? If so, you will want to ask about low cost insurance for good students.


You might be able to get low cost insurance for your new driver that has completed a safe driver program or a defensive driving course ... sometimes up to 15%. If you have a new driver who has successfully completed one of these, you will want to inquire about a discount. Insurance companies know that a new driver who takes these courses reduce their chances of having an accident by 50%.


Some companies offer low cost insurance to a new driver who has successfully completed a drivers education class. These discounts (sometimes up to 10%) can apply to bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, personal injury, and comprehensive/collision coverage. Again, you simply need to ask about the discount.


Other issues to consider when looking for low cost insurance for new drivers include driving "Safe Cars" (these will be listed on the company's Safe Car List). Also, driving cars equipped with daytime running lights, stability control, four wheel drive / all wheel drive / on-demand all wheel drive, traction control, anti-lock brakes, tracking unit / theft recovery unit, active or passive anti-theft devices, and air bags.

NOTE: If you are not sure which safety features are on the vehicle for your new driver, keep reading (or visit and you will discover where to find a complete list of the safety features for your vehicle(s).

Quotes for auto insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars between companies, so it will be to your advantage to shop around. Online searches are generally the best method of locating low cost insurance. New driver issues (like those discussed above) can be addressed effectively through most online automated systems.