Why Doctors Are Poor And Computer Geeks are Rich

by : Karen Cheong

In the old days, doctors were the rich ones who drove huge cars, had big houses and were well-respected. And the computer geeks, well, did not exist. Now the doctors are struggling with car loans and mortgage repayments, and Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. What happened ?

Here are some reasons given :

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad feels sorry for doctors. Many of them are woefully financially illiterate. He cannot understand why people who are supposed to be clever can be so inadequately informed in areas of managing their finances.

2. A Millionaire Next Door was kinder. They theorised that maybe doctors were very generous with their money since they are inclined to help people by nature, and not be too greedy or concerned about money. However, one doctor can only do so much to help a limited number of people. Bill Gates has a huge fund with which to bring AIDS medicine to the poor developing countries and much more.

3. Many doctors are over-consumers and under but having a very low net worth relative to their income. Net worth does not include the home that you live in. It is counted by assets that generate money such as property, stock portfolios and businesses. Many doctors only have their salaries as their primary source of income.

4. Doctors tend to spend a lot because they have an image to upkeep. Apparently people think that a doctor who comes to work in a Lexus must be a better doctor than one who took a bus to work. They also need to stay in better neighbourhoods where things generally cost more.

5. Doctors also spend very little time monitoring their finances because they are too busy doing other things like saving lives. Those who are millionaires spend at least 4 times more time reviewing and assessing their finances, and their investment portfolios. They are more likely to have a budget and know how much the family spends on things.

6. Doctors tend to be either employees or self-employed because they are perfectionists who want to be the best at what they are doing. Of course, one would appreciate that if one was going to see his doctor, he would hope the doctor was more inclined to be the best in his field. But the point is, the truely rich people are the business owners, who are not the best in their field. They know how to lead a team of the best people so they get the money !!

7. Doctors don't know much else other than being doctors cos they spent too long in medical school. Their long working hours also makes it difficult for them to explore other areas.

8. Oh, and because they spent so long in medical school running up huge debts in student loans, they couldn't start saving till about 10 years later than their classmates who dropped out after high school to start an internet business.

9. People think doctors are rich and so expect them to be nice and give them free medical treatment because it is deemed "essential". Nobody expects models to work for free or volunteer their time for charity.

10. I can't think of Number 10. It just seemed nice to have a number 10.