The Advantages and Disadvantages of Audio Conference Calls

by : IC

Audio conferencing is one of the easy ways to communicate with a group of people at the same time. Being able to balance talk time in a day would be such a great help for busy people who value every second of their waking hours.

But just like any other product or service, there are pros and cons in using audio conferencing.

Let us first take a look at the different advantages that you can get from it. Audio conferencing is a whole lot cheaper than other means of conferencing. It can reach more people since it relies mostly on telephone lines. It is easier to use since it takes advantage of a technology that is relatively familiar to all of us. Furthermore, we can enhance it by combining communication lines with other mediums such as computers. Audio conferencing has a great potential for larger groups to conference in and the technology used is fairly reliable. Audio conferencing is also very accessible and consumes lesser time to set up.

On the down side, Audio conferencing transmission may be of poor quality at times since it relies on phone lines. Noise can affect the conversation and may even cut the host out. Also, the presence of a facilitator is needed especially when a conference consists of a large number of people.

We all know that communication is not only verbal and this may also pose as a problem with the audio conferencing. This communication medium does not support visual images so the participants of the conference do not actually see each other. This kind of setting may be a little impersonal since you can not see and understand the body language and cues of the people you are talking to.

The mentioned disadvantages, only apply if such communication means is used in professional transactions or meetings. For businesses these disadvantages could make or break a deal, thus other means of conferencing would be advised. But if the nature of the conference involves people who just want to get in touch with each other and catch up, the down side of audio conferencing should not be a big problem. Especially if the people conversing are family members and friends that have a good understanding of each other since knowing someone personally means you could easily get the idea of what they are trying to say.

The visual downside of audio conferencing may be hard to solve but the quality of voice transmission is not really that much of a problem nowadays. There are tons of providers that offer high quality services and for cheaper prices too. One just needs to carefully think over which provider to choose to get the best value.