Your Child?s Legal Rights

by : Low Jeremy

About 500,000 Americans are suffering from cerebral palsy in the country. The numbers of fetal and maternal conditions are increasing, resulting to a higher risk of a newly-born child to acquire cerebral palsy. However, there are also cases where the negligence in the part of the medical provider may contribute to this condition. As a matter of fact, cerebral palsy has preventable causes.

One example is that a pre-mature baby may not undergo a therapy to decrease the effects of jaundice, thus resulting to possible brain damage. Another is that mishandled delivery may also result to brain injury as well as fetal stress. There are also cases where the medical provider often abuse the child physically, causing brain damage which results to cerebral palsy.

If you find that your child acquired cerebral palsy simply because there is a regrettable mistake during the time he/she is delivered, you may seek for some legal help. Of course, it is your right to secure any financial assistance to pay down the medical expenses of your child in treating cerebral palsy.

Although there are no exact figures that show some of cerebral palsy cases are attributed to medical negligence on the part of the medical provider, still with the knowledge that such medical provider has responsibility on your child’s condition, you may seek some legal actions to protect your child’s legal rights as well as to secure financial assistance. And you can do this by getting the services of a cerebral palsy lawyer.

Your cerebral palsy lawyer will be the one to fight for your child’s right to the court as well as to seek financial or other restitution, which is very important since the expenses to provide sufficient medical care to a cerebral palsy patient will really cost you a fortune—about a million dollar and above, depending on the condition of your child.

He will be the one who will file the cerebral palsy lawsuit against negligible parties, either partially or fully negligible, to the child’s condition. In most states, there are existing laws which provides the aggravated party to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit within a maximum time period. And since the battle for the lawsuit involves the complexity of the diagnosis as well as the management of the cerebral palsy, it is important that you hire a cerebral palsy lawyer who has wide experience in handling similar cases and with sufficient access to medical experts.

Do not let your child be a victim of medical negligence which results to cerebral palsy condition. Contact a cerebral palsy lawyer and fight for the legal rights of your child.