Search Engine Optimization

by : Jeff Milton

When search engine optimization is customized to your keywords or web page, it is known as Customized search engine optimization. If you want that your web site should rank among the top web sites on the search engine results page then you will have to go for customized SEO. Also if your web site is not found in the search engine results pages then customized SEO is a must for you.

Customized search engine optimization although may carry some extra cost along with it, but it is truly worth the extra cost. If you make a web site and it is not ranked on a search engine results page or is on the last pages of a search engine, then all the money and effort you have put in developing your web site is in vain. People trying to search your products and services are not able to reach you if your web site is not ranked well in the results of the search engines.

Although customized SEO is not an easy task, it needs lot of labor to be put into it. Customized SEO will requires a competitive and detailed analysis of web site. Many of your web pages may have to be re written as per the optimization technique. But it is to be remembered that your competitor is also working day and nights to stay on the top. Therefore it is very important to have customized SEO on a regular basis. It is not a static process. It has to be continued as long as you wish to be among the top

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