How To Ruin Your Vacation In Las Vegas - DUI in Las Vegas.

by : Ian Williams

How to ruin your vacation in Las Vegas - DUI in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Las Vegas every year with the hope of winning BIG TIME on the turn of a card of the roll of a dice. Unfortunately not all people who visit the town obey the law when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Almost any establishment in the town is going to serve alcohol to its customers so that they have a great time and spend money. Bars and casinos do not however provide their paying customers with a safe means of returning to their homes or apartments once their night is over and they are in a stupor. As a result; every night in Las Vegas there are many many people who put down their glasses, pick up their car keys and promptly get into their cars and drive home back to their rented condo or hotel room.

For many years the hazards of driving while under the influence of alcohol have been known to drivers, and lessons on the potential dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol are taught from a very early age. Alcohol diminishes an individuals response times resulting in them being more likely to be responsible for a car wreck, which could prove damaging to both themselves and another innocent party.

Las Vegas is a city where automobile traffic can be bumper to bumper which can make people drive like maniacs, which is sometimes a recipe for disaster. Think for a moment on the quickly rising costs of healthcare and auto repair. I don't think anyone would purposefully damage their vehicle with a sledge hammer. So why would they willingly take it onto the streets when there was an increased chance that they would find them self at the bottom of a pile of twisted scrap metal.

Along with the possible financial repercussions and loss of life think for a moment about the possible consequences of a person finding themselves miles from their apartment with no money or vehicle and the prospect of an awaiting jail sentence. These are the repercussions faced by the reckless people who visit Las Vegas spending a night gambling and drinking alcohol and who then decide to drive home.

After being stopped by the law their license is suspended, their car is impounded and then they must make the decision which of their friends they are then going to ask for a lift home or back to their rented condo or apartment. After returning home they must then contact a Las Vegas attorney who will agree to appear with them in court, at which point it will then be determined whether they will spend the next few years of their life eating prison food in jail.

While these consequences are not universal and are dependent solely on an individuals circumstances, almost every case of driving under the influence results in some sort of license suspension fine and jail time.

So, please do not drink and drive when you visit Las Vegas, as you are endangering both your life and that of other innocent people.