The Los Angeles Lawyer: To Each According To Your Need

by : Manuel Salvacion

A problem at work, an accident, a business deal that you need to protect or close, or a legal document that you have to prepare and sign?

Wherever you are, no matter what you do in life, there are times when you wish you knew somebody who can explain matters to you, someone you can trust, and be reliable. How you wish you knew a lawyer when you needed one the most.

But if you live in Los Angeles and you need the services of a lawyer, finding one is not difficult. There are law firms in Los Angeles offering legal services in various areas of the legal profession. The areas of specialty of these firms often include personal injury, business law, employment law, and social security issues. Most Los Angeles lawyers belong to one of these law firms who specialize in one area or another of the law practice.

The Los Angeles lawyer who specializes in personal injury is likely an expert in accident claims, which involve all vehicle accidents and so-called negligent accidents, which resulted in brain injury or spinal cord injury. He also handles general negligent cases such as premise liability, wrongful death, product liability, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and construction liability, to name a few.

Therefore, when you get involved in an accident in Los Angeles, it is best to engage the services of a personal injury lawyer.

However, if you are doing business in California, especially in Los Angeles, the business lawyer is the right person to approach. The capital city being a premier business hub in California, most law firms in Los Angeles have lawyers whose expertise is in business. The Los Angeles business lawyer mostly handles cases related to transactions, litigations, and intellectual property concerns. In transactional law, a knowledgeable business lawyer often deals with corporation establishment, subchapter S corporation, and partnership concerns like partnership establishment and limited liability partnership. In addition, he also works on important business drafts like employment agreement, employment manual, and independent contractor agreement, non-compete agreement, by-laws preparation, commercial lease agreement, sales agreement, and the preparation of minutes and resolutions.

Aside from that, a business lawyer has to attend to litigation work, which includes shareholder dispute, shareholder derivative suits, breach of partnership, confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement and a host of other civil litigations including debt collections.

Moreover, the business lawyer also deals with intellectual property issues like unfair competition, fraud, copyrights, trademarks, patents, and violations of trade secret.

In short, the business lawyer is a highly competent and capable person who is familiar with the operations of the law and for someone who does business in Los Angeles, the services of a good business lawyer is more than a necessity.

Most law firms in Los Angeles also employ lawyers who specialized in employment issues. These lawyers handle exclusive cases related to wrongful termination, family and medical leave, employment disability, sexual harassment, and labor law violations. The labor lawyer also helps clients negotiate employment severance packages and employees compensation claim.

On the other hand, special lawyers are assigned to look after clients with social security concerns. They assist people in their social security disability claim, spouse benefits, supplemental security income claim, overpayment claims, medical/medicare problems, social security survivor benefits, retirement benefits and state benefits.

In sum, a Los Angeles client who needs the services of a lawyer in any of his concerns need not go any further. There is a lawyer for his every need in Los Angeles.