Making A Compensation Claim Against A Public Accident

by : Jene Pedder

If you’ve had an accident whilst in a public environment – this could be an uneven pavement and or footpath, a wonky slab, slip, tripped or fallen in a shop, shopping centre, and leisure centre and or a café or restaurant. If any of these happened to you and you’ve been injured as a result of the accident in a public place then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Thousands of people slip, trip or fall every year in public places as it’s a common accident. Public environments need to prevent his from happening so much by taking into effect their health and safety regulations carefully and not just forgetting what they are and not putting them into action. If you do have an accident in public you should write it in an accident book if there is one. To make a successful compensation claim you will need to prove there liable for your accident. Any public building are bound by law to keep all areas clean, free of obstructions, dry no wet floors if they are wet put down signs and mats if possible and anything else that can make an area unsafe for the public. If the accident is to do with uneven roads, pavements etc. the claim is with the local authority that looks after all roads, pavements in their area.

To prove the buildings owners or local authority are liable for your public accident you will need to gather any witnesses who saw your accident who will be able to give evidence on what you slipped, tripped or fell over, take photographs especially if the accident was that of an uneven pavement or road this is your proof take photographs of the uneven part as well as the whole road and road name if possible to prove it’s exactly where you injured yourself.

It’s your legal and civil right to claim compensation for something that wasn’t your fault but someone else’s, in this case this may be a shop owner, building owner or the local authority. You need to be strong and get a good solicitor to help you along the way of claiming the compensation you deserve. You may have not only injured yourself but have had to pay medical costs, had unpaid leave from work meaning loss of earnings as well as any other costs you may have had to pay due to your injury. Get a solicitor who specializes in accidents in public environments, they will then know how to make your case a successful one.

If you’re thinking you can’t afford a solicitor why not get a solicitor who works on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you don’t have to pay them a penny. They will only take on cases that they think have no chance of failing. If you win your case you still receive your full compensation the solicitor claims there costs for helping you from the losing party and if you lose your case they go away unpaid, that’s why if they take you on you have a very good chance of getting the compensation you deserve!