How to Best Use Conference Calls

by : Matthew Meyer

Sometimes when we hear the words conference call, we think of just a three way conversation between family members or just a few business associates. But now conference calls are being used much more than they were many years ago.Gone is the apprehension which was felt when learning of a forthcoming conference call. It is now a routine occurence.

Modern electronic advances have now made conference calls much easier to place not only by just acquaintances or business directors but also by the general public. The reason for the upsurge in conference calls is that it has become much cheaper than it used to be many years ago and conference calls have turned out to be very easy to access.Conference calls are now a recognized and poweful engine for sales and marketing efforts and campaigns.

One of the most effective use of conference calls is on the occasion when a complex product requiring the acquisition of new information is needed to be imparted to multiple people scattered in many areas. When this happens questions can be directed to the lead people and answered immediately. Conference calls are conducted in real time and thus detailed demonstrations and explanations can be resolved immediately.

Conference calls are now substantially enhanced by the use of the internet and on line systems. Basically conference calls are computer driven therefore a custom made program can be downloaded to all the participants and each once can view the details of the presentations on his or her screen. The software used in this type of conference calls allows voice communications between all participants thus clarifying difficult concepts.

When a conference calls is made as a sales call it is much more effective than the old fashioned impromptu visit to a potential client. With a conference call the presenter can instantly see who in the company he or she is targeted shows interest in the product and who is hostile. This is a tremendous advantage when the time comes to close the sale since thanks to the conference call most the ground work has been done.In additon if the presenter of the product has his or her own managers on the line as well, it can be determined which one has the most rapport with the client to be and which ones best follow the guide lines eastablished by the lead person.

One of the fall-out of the popularity of conference calls is that many consumer products have been manufactured at reasonable prices which in turn has increased everyone's familiarity with the concept of conference calls. Of course many new companies have been formed as specialists in providing conference calls and they offer full turn key operations and complete service back-ups.

Conference calls can also be used for social interactions among groups of people sharing a common affinity. During the conference calls people can virtually roam aroung the electronic meeting place and communicate with different people of similar interests.