Your Mobile Music

by : Ofir Sahar

Some say it is possible to determine the person's character by the music he hears. The same is true about mobile ringtones and mobile channels. Upon hearing a particular ringtone you already know something about the person you just met. Does he favor classical music? Does he like funny ringtones? Old movies? Cartoones? These questions can be answered once you hear the ringtone coming out of his mobile.

Music that the person stores in his mobile can also tell us something about the person. Mobile music channels, like "favorites" in the persons' PC, can tell us a lot about his preferences and, subsequently, about his type of character.

Does he prefer loud, nerve-wrecking beat? Or perhaps rock-n'-roll? What is the voice you hear coming out of the mobile? What kind of music genre he prefer?

Thanks to the mobile music sites, it now became easier to share Music channels, sending them from the site to your own mobile. The music, and with it the information about each persons' musical taste has become accessible. Discovering the person's musical taste may help us discover the person.