Htc Touch Diamond- a Right Buy

by : Mark Hirst

If you ask the question that why should you go for a HTC Touch Diamond then there are several reasons for that. There are two types of mobile users. The first category includes people who like to look at the features that make the phone unique and different from what others have.

But the other type of users is the ones who are more interested in knowing whether the phone is durable or not. Now the HTC Touch Diamond is a phone that is capable enough to satisfy both kinds of people.

If you talk about the features then this is the best touch screen phone available in the market. The screen is a 2.8" one that displays about 64 colors and it is absolutely okay even if you are using the phone in harsh sunlight.

The screen gives you the smoothest possible navigation as this is enabled with the latest touchflo technology associated with the 3D mechanism. The camera that is mainly used for clicking photographs and video recording is a 3.2 mega pixel one and it comes with the auto focus facility.?

There are other features as well like radio, a well performing music player and Bluetooth for wireless file transfer.

This was for the first category of users. The most important information for the others is all abut the battery life, talk time and price of the phone. This phone has got a lilon battery powered by the capacity of 900 mAh. The average back up time is approximately 285 hours and the talk time is around 5 hr 30 mins which can be considered as high performance of a multimedia phone.

The price is quite reasonable according to the quality of the phone. It is available for ?433.99 in the market of UK which is inclusive of all the taxes. So if you do not have a budget constraint then this is the right select for you.