The gentle art of making money

by : Jaap Verduijn

on the Internet is an art. Some will thoughtfully maintain that it's a science, but they're largely wrong. But… what's the difference? Easy: to succeed in science one needs lots of work and dedication, to succeed in art one needs dedication, lots of work, and a serious stroke of madness.

. The “mad scientist" is the exception, the “mad artist" is the rule. And that's exactly how the cosmos seems to like it: mad scientists soon disappear from history, while mad artists are honored, on and on and on, forever. The only painful truth is that they tend to die poor, while their offspring get richer every day (sad grin…)!

So… wouldn't it after all be better to combine the artist and the scientist, when it comes to making money? Yes, it would. But there's still one component lacking, because… in order to make good money working at home on the , one needs to be three things: a scientist, an artist and… a lazybones! The latter is often overlooked, which not only leads to disappointment, but also contributes to 95% of all aspiring internet entrepreneurs failing miserably.

“ what's that?" one might surprisedly ask, “Isn't building an internet business hard work and endless toil then?" Sure, it is. Absolutely. You don't even know how much work and toil! But there's one glaring difference with building a brick-and-mortar business: you need to do it sitting down!

I can't emphasize enough: to successfully create an internet empire you need to be able to sit down behind your computer and keep sitting down, not only hours but often days on end. It's not for the active types, the restless kind, the itchy folks, the “I can't sit down for any prolonged time" guys ‘n gals. Those won't make it.

So you'd better enjoy being planted on the wrinkled butt. Becoming an internet tycoon is not for the restless, which is exactly why 95 percent of all “try-ers" fail. Will you? Yes, probably. The odds are desperately against you. Unless, like me, you are too lazy to fail.

But hey: I'll help you on your way, firmly seated on the backside! One of the first things I strongly advise the beginning internet entrepreneur, is to only pick sales or marketing programs with one or more actual products. Amazingly enough, many “Money Making Marketing Monsters" turn out to sell absolutely nothing, except… themselves! And that comes frighteningly close to “". Mind: there are exceptions to this rule... but they're relatively few, and especially if you want to build a reputation as an honest marketer, you should start out with a true product.

If I were you (which I ain't, otherwise you'd be writing and I'd be reading - grin!), I'd subscribe to at least one free advertisement site where you can browse away happily among all kinds of (real or quasi) money making sites, learning to distinguish between those with a product and those with none. In the meantime you collect credits towards advertising your own site there, so you'll be hitting several birds with one stone.

The latter statement, in fact, is one of the basics of successful internet : once you've learned to find your way inside this veritable maze, you should generate several different (potential) streams of income. Right in the beginning however, you should KISS ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!"). So the first step should be figuring out which program offers a true product, and proceed from there.

Finding that out is part of the 'science' element. As for 'art': that comes in when deciding how to promote your stuff just a little different than everybody else. And last but not least your indispensable 'lazybones' quality: sit down and keep sitting down, until the job is done. Hey, you might finish up among the 5 percent after all!