Signs He Secretly Likes You Body Language

by : Dustin Cannon

Flirting Body Language
Body language accounts for a tremendous amount when it comes to attracting both men and women. In fact studies have shown that 50% of our communication with others comes from the messages our behavior conveys. The second way we communicate is the manner in which we talk and finally what it is we actually say with our words comes last.

Signs He Secretly Likes You Body Language
When it comes to flirting, there are ways to do it right in order to attract more people. Here are some tips on body language attractions; 

  • Mirroring Each Other Actions
    Learn to mirror the subtle actions that a person you are speaking with is doing. When two people like each other often this happens automatically and neither person is aware of it right away.


    For example, you end up mimicking another individual's actions because you are so absorbed in the conversation. The other person may take a sip of their drink and you do the same without a thought. Or the person may nod their head or perhaps lean forward and then you copy the gesture. Mirroring is not just a manner of flirting, as it often becomes a common element for couples that have been together for a long time.
  • Blinking your eyes more often shows interest
    If it is the other individual in your company who is doing it, more then likely that person is doing their best to attract you and draw you in. If you notice yourself blinking more and the man or woman you are engaged in conversation with begins to do the same then you are doing something right.
  • Looking Intensely into Someone
    We tend to look more intensely at someone we are attracted to and our eyes move around more when we look at their face as well as their body. Where flirting is concerned, get those eyes working for you!

    Looking closely at a person's mouth when they are talking to you is a very flirty gesture not to mention a turn on for most people. Never however resort to staring at any part of a person's face or body or you are likely to make them uncomfortable or nervous.
  • The eyebrow flash is flirty
    It lets another person know that you are interested in them. When people meet each other it is common to raise the eyebrows ever so slightly before bringing them to their original position. This is often done as a part of saying hello to a person but for those who really like each other, the eyebrow flash tends to last for a second or two longer. Often if you do it to someone if they feel the same way they will do it right back to you.
  • Look out for subconscious actions
    Often subconsciously when we are attempting to show interest in another person we point at them with our hands, legs, or feet. Sometimes props come in handy such as talking to someone on the other side of a counter or a table.


Flirting is all about being attentive to what the other person is saying.
People who like each other like tend to look at the other person face to face and stand close. But never stand too close to the other individual's personal space as this is likely to cause discomfort and anxiety.

Flirting is supposed to be fun but be aware of when your efforts are not working.
If the other person is leaning back and away from you, or has folded his or her arms or has developed tight lips or a frown then it is time to throw in the towel and look elsewhere.