So SpecialToyota

by : Kevin Dark

Welcome to Toyo-land, a place where performance, styling, reliability, and joy seem to plaster a grin on just about everyone's face. Of course nobody ever walks here, as they are too busy driving their Toyotas everywhere... anywhere; they just can't seem to get enough. When is the last time you took the long way home for work because you wanted to? Probably the last time you owned a Toyota . But what makes Toyota cars and Toyota trucks so special?

In the Toyota sports line-up we first have the Toyota Supra, which has been around since 1979, and was definitely considered one quick import. In fact, there are very few vehicles on the market today that compare with raw potential and aftermarket capability. If you are a little more on the family oriented side of performance car enthusiasm, then the Toyota Celica would be your better choice. As one of the longest continuously produced vehicles in history; the Celica has both practicality and sex appeal to offer its drivers, which is not an easy combination to come by.

If you like to add in the benefit of a convertible with your sports car then the new Toyota Solara might just be right up your alley. Classy enough to drive your business clients around, roomy enough for the average family, and sporty enough for your teenager to get themselves in trouble; the Solara is a great value at around $30,000.

Besides sport cars, Toyota is also known for its reliable production of midline family sedans. The Toyota Corolla is a good all around introductory vehicle into this realm. The Corolla has gone through some very positive changes over the years, and is actually a rather classy looking economy cruiser. A few steps above the Corolla is Toyotas more luxury oriented, Toyota Camry. With its increased size and performance, many would say that the Camry could give Chevrolets Cadillac a good run for its money; especially when you consider the money involved as part of your factoring!

Subcompacts are among Toyotas specialty these days and the Toyota Yaris , better known as the Echo is a perfect example of a great idea gone bad. The Yaris although a great vehicle overall, is just too small to fit within the current US market. If saving the world is of any importance to you, then the Toyota Prius should be on your purchase list for the coming year. With 44 miles to the gallon, not only will the earth breathe easier, but your wallet will too!

If a sport Utility is your desired vehicle of choice, whether you live in the center of the city or the outskirts of a mountainside; Toyota also has a few great choices for you. The Toyota FJ Cruiser just might be the cure for all your blues. In the tradition of the classic land cruiser comes this all terrain beast that resembles itself more as a hummer than anything else. The Cruiser is built for the terrain, but entirely suited for the highway too!

The Toyota Tacoma is Toyota 's answer to today's working man who is looking for an all around great vehicle that can work just as hard as it can play. Just as well suited in the terrain as the Cruiser, but with hauling capability; the Tacoma is a great truck at a great value.

Family life brings necessity to that of your vehicle choice, and the Toyota Sienna just might be your best choice. Boasting a five star crash rating which should put anyone's mind at rest while on the road with loved ones; the Toyota Sienna is a smart buy. In the cross over utility vehicle market, the Toyota Matrix is second to none in both practicality and popularity. With a price tag of around $15,000 and the sports appeal of the Celica, the Matrix is set to be around for a while!