Using Third-Party Search Engines to Search Acrobat Files

by : Sam Miller

If you are the avid computer user, whether this is for personal or professional use, you should be very familiar with PDF files, or Portable Document Format files. These files are actually used in just about any industry today. In fact, you can find PDF files in today's brochures, magazines, forms, reports, and other types of materials that contain complicated designs. Plus, we all know how online reading h as become quite the trend these days. PDF files are quite important when it comes to online reading.

But when it comes to the management of PDF files, the typical process of managing ordinary files does not apply at all. If you would take a look at the typical PDF file, the simple act of searching for particular text or words becomes a bit hard. What's more, you cannot copy information from PDF files and paste it onto another file format, like MS Word files, for instance. This process just does not hold up at all. This is the primary reason why the Adobe Acrobat Reader is very much needed in managing PDF files. With the Acrobat Reader, you can now highlight whatever significant text or words that you want to find in just about any PDF file you have in your possession. Copying and pasting such text portions also becomes possible.

When you want to search Acrobat files or PDF files, it is important to have a third-party search engine. With this type of search engine, the search for particular words and phrases in PDF files becomes so much easier. All that needs to be done is to input the particular word or phrase that you want to search for. The software, which is installed right into your system, can easily browse through the whole of your system to search for PDF files that contain that word or phrase. You do not even have to input the word or phrase accurately. Just input it the way you remember it, and the search engine will still give you back PDF files that correspond to the search. The program will give you the file names and the paths or locations in which these PDF files are located. This spells much convenience for just about any computer user! Imagine how long the search process could take without this application at hand! Browsing from one PDF file to another can take ample amount of time, which would be incredibly wasteful in the end.

Of course, you also might have certain PDF files uploaded onto numerous websites that you are maintaining. Because you have so many PDF files under your management, finding one or two of them on the web can also be tedious. But not with these applications because you can easily search Acrobat files as well! All you still need to do is input the particular word or phrase, as you remember it.

What's more, using a third-party search Acrobat engine allows you to just browse through that portion of the PDF file that contains the word or phrase. Ordinary search engines typically retrieve the whole documentBusiness Management Articles, which you will have to download in its entirety. You will then have to search the whole file for that particular word or phrase! Imagine how time-consuming this process can be!