A Few Must Sees On Your Berlin Itinerary

by : Rufus Fitzgerlad

The capital of Germany , Berlin , has a rich history. It is strewn with sites of significant historical events, and a great deal of architectural grandeur. There are many things to do and see in Berlin that include eating, entertainment, drinking and sightseeing. If you are going to Berlin for sightseeing, here are five things you must not miss.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
This memorial was opened to the public in May 2005. It is conveniently located in downtown Berlin and has an easy access to public transportation. It is a stark reminder of the atrocities done to people during the Second World War, and serves as a warning that the same could happen again if we forget the screams of past.

East Side Gallery
This is a mile long stretch of the Berlin wall. It is the longest portion of the wall still standing, and covered with artwork. There are many emotional and political statements on the wall which will evoke powerful feelings in the beholder. Colourful and vibrant, it contrasts sharply with the stark grey of the surrounding cityscape.

Charlottenburg Palace
This ornate palace was built as a summer residence for Sophie Charlotte in the 17th century. It is a magnificent example of Baroque architecture. A guided tour is not necessary, though you must make sure not to miss any of the delightful grounds and the splendid sites if you choose to venture alone. These tours are generally in German, but information sheets are provided in other languages.

St. Nicholas Church
This quaint old church has faced the trials of time. It has witnessed several historical events leaving their mark on it. It was here that the agreement to unite Berlin and Colin was signed in 1307. Over the time, several changes have taken place in its structure. Presbytery and two ornamental towers were constructed, but unfortunately, destroyed in the Second World War.

Brecht Weigel Museum
This was the home of playwright Bertolt Brecht and his actress wife Helene Weigel. A tour of the house gives visitors a history of the Berliner Ensemble, a famous theater company. Since it is located in East Berlin, it is also a good source of interesting information regarding the Berlin theatrical scene. An astoundingly huge collection of manuscripts and printed works may be found here. You can get also get good food in the Keller, a restaurant located on the ground floor of the building.

Potsdam 's Gardens
These gardens are not actually located in Berlin, but are located not too far from the city, only about 25 minutes away by the S-Bahn (the train service), in a town called Potsdam. There are many beautiful gardens to see, and the day can be spent relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sights and fragrant scents of flowers.

There is plenty more to see in Berlin , but a tour of the city would not be complete without a visit to the historical and cultural monuments. Do be sure not to miss any of them.