Obesity and excess weight - the major cause of death in U.S.A

by : jeni

One scientific survey has proved beyond doubt that U.S.A has the maximum no. of obese and excess weight population in world and one estimate has put the figure at around 61 % of the total adult population of the U.S.A is found to be obese and facing excess weight problem . Surprisingly, this obesity and excess weight problem is also the major cause of death in U.S.A.

Now, I am forced toponder over the fact that why only U.S.A, why not Russia or some other country is facing such type of unusual obesity and excess weight problem? And to my utter surprise, the fact is that now it is U.S.A which is facing the immediate crisis because of its irregular eating and other behavioral pattern but the time is not far away when the whole world will be in the grip of this unusual- looking -so- silly- type of enemy of the whole mankind .

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