Simple Tips on How to Have a Successful Conference Call

by : Xanerarticle

Managing a successful is easy if you prepare for it. Conference calls are paid services, so make optimum use of your time by remaining focused on the agenda. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your teleconference is a memorable one.

Invite your participants
Send your guests an invitation through an email or fax that includes instructions on how to access the conference call as well as an agenda with topics that will be covered. You should also send out a reminder for calls scheduled far in advance.

Choose a quiet environment
Conduct the conference in a quiet setting where you can focus and the group can hear you. Try to stay away from common distractions like air conditioners, printers, ringing phones, and loud voices. You should also call into the conference a minute or two early to ensure a clear connection. There is usually also a bit of networking or socializing until the moderator of speaker joins the call.

Check your speakerphone
If you're using a speakerphone, set it up before your conference begins.
Some speakerphones with the volume set too high create feedback.
In addition, many conference room speakerphones need to be adjusted according to the room's dynamics.

Interact with an audience through Q&A sessions

If you are the host, always identify yourself. To avoid confusion, remember to state your name before answering the participant's question, especially if you are one of several speakers answering the question. Address participants one on one and offer concise answers that are short but informative. Make a strong effort to keep listeners' attentions and help ensure your presentation stays focused.

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