Channel Partners : Rhub Turbomeeting for Web Conference Platform

by : Don Rainwater

The RHUB TurboMeeting series of appliances was made for channels partners. It is a valuable tool for your daily business and it gives you an opening to increase your sales to your customer base. If you are already delivering IP based solutions then delivering web conferencing in an easy to install application is an exemplary method for you. You can add web conferencing that is easy to install and integrate into your customer's system.

Neither you nor your customer has to worry about ongoing IT support because the RHUB TurboMeeting has a vendor managed update capability. The TurboMeeting appliances update automatically when you have the warranty/extended warranty and you have access to the internet. You do not need a formal certification when dealing with RHUB. RHUB emphasizes easy use and installation. Anyone that can install a router/firewall can install the TurboMeeting appliance. Their short online tutorial will tell you all you need to know.

RHUB does not stop there in providing help and support. They deliver help to their channel partners through phone and e-mail communication. They support your marketing efforts with collateral and presentation material. They educate your sales team with on-line training sessions. Customers typically realize an ROI in three to nine months with RHUB. Your customers are going to really appreciate the fast payback, security, performance, and branding of their TurboMeeting appliance. The quick and easy branding is particularly appealing to customers that use web conferencing on a large- scale.

TurboMeeting has a small memory footprint and its CPU requirements are minimal. It runs well over small bandwidths. It has perfect screen scaling. RHUB provides you with dedicated servers that you can host or they will host them for you. They give you options for unlimited meetings and the cost is reasonable. The RHUB TurboMeeting is a great web conferencing system.