Conference Calling in Business Today

by : Ajeet Khurana

In the world of today, organizations have the advantage of using talent from all parts of the world. Companies that are larger, which have a greater infrastructure, and which have made their presence felt globally are especially aware of the problems of having to manage a diversified workforce.

With the rise of globalization it has become possible for companies to draw their workers from all parts of the world. This is an essential feature of companies trying to develop a worldwide influence. As a result, different departments and divisions may have separate commands. But the need to send out a single message does arise from time to time, and this is where the conference call becomes so very important.

This view, of course, looks at only the global picture. If we were to reduce this scale and look at the working of different departments on a local level, we would find that the conference call method has made life a whole lot simpler for business houses. After all, not everyone can be present at a single venue at a given time. Hence, the conference call has continuously gained in popularity. Even today, with the rise of the Internet, and thereby, of web conferencing, the conference call continues to hold its own.

A conference call is of two basic types. In the first type, the person or party that is called is allowed to join in the discussion. In the second type, the person is allowed to listen to the call but he may not participate. The first type is very useful in having discussions with remote clients. The latter is commonly used in providing updates and imparting training to the workforce.

What are the benefits of using the conference call device? Well, it is very convenient in that people do not need to go elsewhere to attend a meeting. This saves energy and does not subtract from an employee's performance.

A conference call also helps in cutting costs. Every business house looks to increase its revenues while cutting down on its expenditure. A conference call helps one achieve this by reducing the travel costs that employees would have incurred otherwise.

And cutting costs does not only mean the money costs. A waste of time can mean the loss of a great business opportunity. The conference call helps speed up the business process. Moreover, it is possible to record the calls and use them for future reference.

The conference call has become an integral feature of professional life today. Doing business without it is close to unthinkable.